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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massages use firm to deep pressure to help break down adhesion, scar tissue and knots in the muscles. Deep tissue massages are not intended hurt or be painful, but tender areas are worked on when working deep into the muscles. You should be able to handle the pressure without tensing up or contracting your muscles. If this happens try to focus on your breathing and not holding your breath if you want to withstand the pressure, or you can ask your therapist for a little less pressure and it still would be beneficial.


  • Decrease Extreme Muscle Tension
  • Decrease Knots in Muscles
  • Alleviate Immediate Pain
  • Increase Blood Flow to Muscles
  • Reduce Inflammation

30 Minutes


60 Minutes


90 Minutes


120 Mintues



We offer 30,60,90 and 120 minutes for a deep tissue massage. 30 minutes would be for a quick touch up on a specific area. 60 minutes could be for a quick full body touch up or detailed or on a specific area or two. 90 minutes is good for a well balanced full body, full body with extra focus on a specific area or detailed work on a specific section. 120 minutes is used for a detailed full body massage.


Therapist can go as deep into the muscles until, to about where the muscles reaches the bone. Therapist do not need to always use as deep of a pressure during the massage. If the pressure is to much ask your therapist to reduce the pressure some. Some may have denser muscles or high pain tolerance and may be ale to handle some of the deepest pressure.


For a deep tissue massage your therapist will most likely use techniques like friction, trigger point therapy and a heavier effleruage and petrissage. Therapist may use tools like their thumps, knuckles, forearms and elbows to work on constricted areas.

Warming up the Muscles

It is proper to warm up the muscles before going deep into them. Therapist warm up the muscles by using heavy gliding stroke to being some healthy blood to the muscles. When beginning to work on trigger points and knots therapist want some a slower pace to break down the constricted areas. Working to fast on these areas can be to painful on a client or cause harm if therapist should hit the wrong location.

Focusing on Areas

Focusing on areas can be wise for a deep tissue massage for sessions 60 minutes or less. For a proper deep tissue massage you need to warm up the muscles before going deep into them. Giving your therapist more to time to work on an area will give better results. Some muscles may have tender areas which are better to be worked on at a moderate pace. If you are looking for a full body with some extra focus 90 minutes is ideal for a deep tissue massage.

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