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Shelton Crest About Us

Our mission is to bring health and wellness awareness through massage therapy. Alot of us experience aches and pains from our jobs or daily life task. Some of us may be very athletic or even recovering from an injury. Shelton Crest provides essential massage therapy services and knowledge to help decrease or alleviate such discomforts. 

Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

An Idea Is Born

Shelton Crest is a family based business with our staff and clients. The Crest represents a family seal which indicates sticking together and helping each other. At Shelton Crest we look out for our family making sure their services are safe and healing. 

Meet The Staff

Jordan Shelton

         Has been a practicing massage therapy since 2011 and graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. He was accepted at a high-end spa for his first job out of school. He then moved to Georgia where he continued practicing and became a teacher for massage therapy. Through out his career he has furthered his education in medical massage. Jordan is willing and strives for the proper time to be spent with each client before and after each session. Using his knowledge in anatomy and physiology he is able to find trigger points and problem areas within seconds of a session. 

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